Email Marketing

Drive more qualified leads and sales.

Identify and satisfy prospect needs, generate leads, and nurture and create customers.

Lead nurturing helps develop personalized B2B relationships with customers and prospects to increase brand awareness and keep connections active when they are ready to make a purchase. To make this work, you have to cut through the noise in crowded inboxes and get your messages opened, read, clicked, and converted.

59% of B2B Recipients

Say email influences their purchase decisions directly

$42 for every $1 Spent on Email Marketing

High ROI

At Neilson Marketing Services, we’ve developed the winning strategy for the insurance industry with a lead/nurture email campaign based on behavioral marketing to produce results.

Our Process to Deliver Winning Campaigns: The Behavioral Model

Our email campaigns help you build a customer journey and track it. You’ll attract C-suite individuals and nurture them to develop higher-quality leads. And it’s all automated – we’ll take care of everything!

Initial Intake Call

Conduct an initial intake call to discuss your products and services and the target audience for your solutions.

Purchase Targeted List

Cleanse the list to ensure accurate data for better open and click rate and data analysis.

Content Intake Call

Perform an intake call to discuss the pain points of the targeted audience to craft the right messaging.

Develop Emails

Write design, and develop a series of automated lead and nurture emails to reach out to prospects on a weekly basis based on pain points and solutions. Prospects will start in the lead series, and once engaged, will be moved to the nurture series.

Create Assets

Write, design, and develop downloadable PDFs and Landing Pages to drive interest in your products and services. The general rule of thumb in marketing is: if you are showing up unannounced, do it with a gift in hand.


Install a beacon on your website and landing pages so we can track every prospect’s interaction with your company.

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