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Maximize insurance sales with the right list.

Market Your Insurance Products to Businesses Using Insightful Data

Find the right business prospects with us. At Neilson Marketing, we specialize exclusively in insurance marketing services and will help you pinpoint the business leads more likely to purchase your products. It all starts with the right list comprised of data that is aligned with your marketing strategy. Browse over 17 million single locations and headquarters to get insurance X dates, sort by demographics and customize to get the accurate, up-to-date verified data that you need.

Quality Insurance Data:

Kingpin in Successful Telemarketing

Leveraging quality data, inclusive of insurance expiration dates or “x dates”, is paramount for insurance agencies in their efforts to acquire new customers. Research from the McKinsey Global Institute highlights that organizations utilizing data-driven approaches have a 23-fold higher likelihood of securing new customers, a six-fold greater chance of retaining these customers, and are 19 times more likely to achieve profitability as a consequence. The strategic use of quality data, including ‘x dates’, can potentially transform the customer acquisition trajectory for insurance agencies, enabling them to secure new business with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Get specific with your list requirements.

Choose contacts based on their demographics and segment based on business revenue, industry, number of employees, and other distinctions.

Develop messaging for a target audience to act now.

Leverage the data for email marketing and outbound calling and outbound mailers.

Leverage X-Dates to predict potential clients’ needs and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

Target the Insurance Market That You Want

In a realm where precision meets strategy, Neilson Marketing stands as a beacon of transformative solutions. Tailoring opportunities to your precise needs, our exceptional B2B data offering empowers insurance agencies to engage with their target market on a nuanced level. Our Business Directory services include accurate and up-to-date verified data:

17 million single locations or headquarters (no branches) with decision-makers so you communicate with the right people about the right products

Select a list based on SIC code, geography, company size, number of employees, and annual revenue

In certain states, we can also provide Workers Comp insurance X-dates for businesses

We continuously test, measure, and evaluate our data and data sources to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date, and complete data in the insurance industry.

No long-term contracts; buy what you need.

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