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Boost lead generation with an insurance website that speaks to your audience.

Your insurance company’s website is crucial to your marketing strategy. It’s the first point of entry for potential customers, and where they form their initial impressions of your brand and services.

As the foundation of your digital marketing efforts, your website is essential for directing traffic from various channels like email campaigns, social media, online ads, and SEO.

With a strong online presence, your website can significantly enhance your brand’s credibility and facilitate customer engagement. Your website is the backbone of your company’s digital identity, and a vital component in achieving your business goals.

Your insurance website is also where first impressions are made: 75% of people judge a company on its website.

The Digital Face of Your Insurance


Say easy navigation is the most important website feature


Appreciate when a website looks attractive and up to date


Say relevant content that speaks directly to buyers is very important

A website tells visitors how you will treat them. They want easy navigation, attractive design, fast load times, and digestible and relevant content from a website. If your insurance website meets these criteria, it lets potential customers and existing clients know their experience matters to you. Consider your website a representation or extension of your client servicing and their journey with your business.

A professional insurance website also builds trust with your audience, who will choose to remain on your site longer, creating more opportunities for your business to capture leads.

A well-designed website lets your business showcase your unique services and products and lets your audience know why they should choose you over the competition.

Insurance Website Design That Performs

Neilson Marketing Services provides insurance agents, wholesalers, MGAs, program administrators, insurtechs,
and vendors with website design that serves as the linchpin to your sales and marketing objectives. Our strategies and solutions are designed to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, increase sales, and boost revenue.

UX (user experience) is our focus

Our website design prioritizes user experience. We create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that drives traffic and achieves business objectives. Our process involves clean and organized structures that consider SEO and conversion rates. We’re passionate about delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

UI (user interface) complements our UX strategy

We’re committed to creating a user-friendly and engaging experience for our clients’ website visitors. We prioritize intuitive navigation and a well-organized structure while keeping SEO and conversion rates in mind. Our goal is to attract and retain traffic to the site by providing an exceptional user experience.

Customized and relevant content development from seasoned professionals

We identify your unique value proposition – the why and how of your firm – to relay how your services and process provide value to your clients and differentiate your company from competitors. Your unique value proposition is prominent and woven throughout the content on your website while ensuring the content is targeted and relevant to your audience to help lead them down the sales funnel. Our strategy is to take visitors from awareness to purchase to advocacy.

Fast load times with high-performance servers and unlimited storage

This helps optimize the user experience so you don’t have visitors leaving your site. We perform regular updates to keep the site running smoothly.

Secure, stable hosting environment and SSL certificate for data protection.

Keeping your clients’ data safe is critical when providing online quoting capabilities, application submissions, portals, and call-to-action forms for lead generation.

Dashboard for measuring results.

We make it easy for you to see how your website is performing, including gaining access to traffic sources (organic search, email campaign, social media, direct), website sessions, users, pageviews, actions, and more.

Insurance Agency Websites and Websites for MGAs, Wholesalers, MGAs, Program Administrators, Insurtechs, & Vendors From let’s go to launch

Discovery Calls

Our staff (UX/UI, content, and SEO experts) meets with you and your colleagues to discuss your value proposition, products and services, and the pain points users face and how a particular product or service solves them. Our discovery helps form site navigation and structure, content development, and SEO research. We also go over the design process and deliverables.

Site Structure & Navigation

Provide a sitemap outlining the navigation and various components of the website for review.

Keyword Research for SEO Strategy

Research keywords or search queries people use in search engines (Google) to find the answers, information, or solutions to their problems to develop an SEO strategy relevant to your niche markets.

Initial Content Development

Based on our discovery and research, provide wireframes with content and design for a couple of pages for client review.

Content Development

Write high-level, relevant content optimized for search for client review.

Web Development

Create the entire website with functional and aesthetically engaging UI, SEO-treated product pages, fast load times, and optimal interactivity

Testing & Iteration

Test site including web contact forms, live URLs, images, title tags/meta tags, site speed, browser compatibility, analytics tools (Google Analytics), and social media integration.

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