Email Append

Email Append

Boost your insurance campaigns with verified emails.

Reach more prospects with our email append service.

Email appending is a data-enrichment process of updating your customer database with the most current and accurate customer email addresses. Whether you use your own database or ours, our append service runs your outreach file through a series of checks to provide deliverable emails most likely to reach the inboxes of your audience. We scrub each email address to ensure maximum deliverability.

If you have emails but no phone numbers or addresses, we’ll perform a “reverse e-mail append” which will help complete your contact records and even add demographic information.

Top Reasons for Verified Emails

Improve Inbox Deliverability

Boost Engagement Rates

Eliminate Hard Bounces Analysis of the ratio of revenue to staff to which agencies are a right fit for your strategy

Reduce Spam

Identify Catch-All Email Accounts

Avoid Spambots

Eliminate Bad Data

Fuel Your Revenue with the Perfect Match

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