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Leverage our MGA & Wholesaler list for greater distribution, M&A possibilities. Neilson Marketing provides MGAs, Wholesalers, and Program Administrators (PAs) with turnkey marketing services, including an online property/casualty platform called ProgramBusiness for connecting with agents looking for specific markets; telemarketing; email advertising campaigns; and Internet Marketing. Over the years, in serving these stakeholders, we have developed a robust list of MGAs, Wholesalers, and PAs that is rich with data. Carriers looking to further expand their distribution as well as entities looking for acquisition opportunities can leverage our insurance list services as part of their marketing strategy.

What Makes A Successful
Telemarketing and Email Campaign

In the realm of telemarketing and email campaigns, data stands as the cornerstone of success. A meticulously curated and analyzed data set not only aids in precisely targeting the potential customer base but also plays a pivotal role in personalizing the communication to enhance engagement rates. Embarking on marketing initiatives with bad data or a poorly curated list is akin to setting the stage for inevitable failure. These flawed inputs, which might include outdated contacts, incorrect information, or irrelevant target groups, can lead to misdirected efforts, squandering valuable resources without yielding desirable results.

Utilizing a data-driven approach can notably boost the ROI of your campaigns to engage insurance agents and brokers effectively.

Focus on insurance agents and brokers654tr higher probability of being interested in your programs to streamline your efforts and conserve resources.

The efficacy of a telemarketing campaign is predominantly determined by the quality of agents and brokers you select to reach out to.

Employ a tailored selection of agents and brokers that align perfectly with your targeted demographics. Our resources are adept at facilitating connections through various channels – be it phone, email, or online.

Ensure that the agent and broker lists you acquire are current and encompass the key decision-makers within your particular insurance sector.

The Insurance Resource You’re Looking for Is Here

Agency Directory‘s exclusive search features provide your analysis and marketing department with a unique data set of over 67 unique points that are vetted by experienced insurance industry professionals and are not available anywhere else. Whether you wish to enter into new markets, expand your website or company footprint, or simply desire the ability to leverage agent and industry resources for your business, our products are the most reliable and accurate available. Highlights of our products include:

More than 31,000 agency retail and national brokerage locations

More than 2,700 MGA and Wholesale locations

82,000 decision-maker resources, including phone contacts and emails

Employee count to analyze ratio of revenue to staff and see which agencies are a right fit for your strategy

Appointed carriers, agency management system vendor, industries targeted and insured, % of Premium Volume that’s Commercial Lines, employee size and more…

Differentiate between direct writers, national brokerages, independent insurance agents, wholesalers, MGAs, and carriers

Distinguishes between premium volume and revenue (commission income) resources

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