Insurance Telemarketing

How experienced your partner is in insurancetelemarketing will make a difference in your bottom line.

Make more connections, generate greater growth with Insurance Telemarketing

The insurance industry has looked to Neilson Marketing for results 25 years+. Working with the insurance distribution system – from carriers, MGAs and wholesalers to insurance agencies and vendors – has enabled us to distinguish Neilson Marketing Services in the insurance telemarketing space. We not only understand the industry but also the changes it is undergoing and how to effectively help our clients continue to expand in an increasingly challenging environment. We provide tailored solutions that result in qualified leads, increased sales, niche expansion and greater market presence.

Benefits of Insurance Telemarketing

Our call center leverages technology that allows us to uncover prospects that shown an interest in your products on the web. Our insurance-trained calling reps then identify the decision makers to collect info, qualify them, and get them call-ready for your staff. We’re not wasting your time and money going through a list of uninterested contacts day-in and day-out. We deliver efficient and cost-effective call center services.

Cost-effective marketing

Immediately gauge a client’s level of interest in the product

Reach a larger audience with telemarketing

Get more qualified leads into sales pipeline, allows your sales staff to concentrate on closing sales and retaining customers, growing your business in a manageable way

Measurable results – you get a detailed picture of how a campaign performed

Who We Serve in the Insurance Industry

We provide insurance telemarketing services to the following stakeholders within our industry:

Insurance Carriers

We’ll help you partner with the right insurance agencies to expand your footprint and increase your market share in targeted niche markets; we’ll also help your agency force by providing qualified leads, opening doors to new sales opportunities.


Get ahead of the renewal process by having our experienced sales people get you agency client data so you can get in on the insurance proposal process.

Insurance Agencies

Leverage your independence and ability to get competitive rates with more clients by keeping your pipeline filled with qualified prospects. Turn one-policy customers into well-rounded clients that look to you for all their insurance needs.


We’ll cut through the clutter and get you talking to the decision maker on upgrading and changing rating systems, agency management systems, admin systems, and other insurance-related products.


Looking to offer agencies the ability to quote, bind, and sell transactional, small premium accounts online

Our Telemarketing Packages start at $1100/mo.

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