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Expand your insurance carrier footprint, serve tomorrow’s consumer today. It’s all about the data, and Neilson Marketing has the insurance company and business data you need to strengthen your distribution force with new insurance agency partners. With our Agency Directory products, you’ll zoom in on independent insurance agents and brokers aligned with your strategy. Our list of insurance agents can assist you in successfully meeting your marketing objectives to launch a new product, get into new markets, expand your specialization geographically, and address evolving consumer needs. Agent resources developed by our firm are trusted by MGAs, brokerage houses, and independent business owners in the United States and worldwide.

Discover Independent Insurance Agents Using Custom Demographics

Demographics are a key consideration for identifying and leveraging new business. By targeting specific demographic audiences through our industry search, you are able to maximize your return on investment (ROI) by streamlining your efforts in a cost-effective manner. We’ve done the demographics research for you; our email list of insurance agents, agencies and brokers is unrivaled within the insurance marketing industry. Enter a new world of target audiences and markets with the help of Neilson Marketing Services.

Leveraging a data-driven approach can significantly enhance the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Focusing on prospects with a higher likelihood of conversion helps save time and money.

The success of a telemarketing campaign largely depends on the consumers you choose to target.

Use a curated selection of businesses/consumers that fits your demographic as closely as possible. From phone or email to online, our resources meet your needs.

Be sure the broker lists you purchase are up to date and include decision-makers within your specific insurance niche.

The Insurance Resource You’re Looking for Is Here

Agency Directory‘s exclusive search features provide your analysis and marketing department with a unique data set of over 67 unique points that are vetted by experienced insurance industry professionals and are not available anywhere else. Whether you wish to enter into new markets, expand your website or company footprint, or simply desire the ability to leverage agent and industry resources for your business, our products are the most reliable and accurate available. Highlights of our products include:

More than 31,000 agency retail and national brokerage locations

More than 2,700 MGA and Wholesale locations

82,000 decision-maker resources, including phone contacts and emails

Employee count to analyze ratio of revenue to staff and see which agencies are a right fit for your strategy

Appointed carriers, agency management system vendor, industries targeted and insured, % of Premium Volume that’s Commercial Lines, employee size and more…

Differentiate between direct writers, national brokerages, independent insurance agents, wholesalers, MGAs, and carriers

Distinguishes between premium volume and revenue (commission income) resources

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Agency PinPoint: An On-Demand Mapping Program

Today’s mobile business landscape requires platforms that facilitate the agency’s face time and appointment process with clients. Included in our Agency Directory product is Agency PinPoint, an on-demand agent and company mapping program that allows users to leverage GPS technology from the office or on the road to find, map out, and coordinate schedules for agency visits. Agency PinPoint can be used to:

Set up appointments with agencies in specific territories

Provide directions to an agency’s location, and allow for flexibility if an appointment is unexpectedly canceled or postponed by seeing what other agencies are also in the area that meets your criteria

Insurance executives will increase productivity and efficiency and have access to key insurance agent contacts and current clients along with prospect data while on the go.

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